Sea Lion Celebration at the Aquatheater

What can crawl like a caterpillar, do a backbend like a gymnast, bark on cue, and dive down to 600 feet in the ocean? Meet the Aquarium’s multi-talented sea lions and their trainers at this interactive, musical training demonstration!

What to See and Do

Applaud sea lion solos.
Each of our sea lions plays a unique role in the spotlight. See them show off as they dive, dance, and give kisses.

Link up the food chain.
Discover a sea lion’s role in the web of life, and why sharks and other predators are essential to a balanced food chain.

See the trainers in action.
The bonds between our animal keepers and the sea lions run deep. Watch what it takes to nurture an Aquatheater star, and learn how the routine you'll watch on stage stimulates the animals’ natural instincts and facilitates care. 

A Lesson To Take Home: Sustainable Seafood

The sea lions and their trainers will teach you how to make seafood choices that are healthy for the planet. You can also check the Blue Ocean Institute’s guide to ocean-friendly seafood to help you plan for dinner.

Aquatheater demonstrations take place year-round, weather permitting. Sessions occur at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., & 3:30 p.m. daily through the winter season.